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14 May 2014
Intense workout intense workout short: increase training density
More intense workout to save time
Many people complain about lack of time when it comes to attending a regular program of exercise. A simple method to reduce the time spent at the gym for a workout is to increase the density anternamentului.
Density is a measure of the amount of effort over to a certain period of time. It may sound a little complicated, but I assure you it is not.somanabolic muscle maximizer
For an intense workout, what is the density of training?
Increased density training is available to everyone, with supersets. Most training programs involve the execution of a series of exercise, then rest for 1-2 minutes and resuming the same exercise. These periods of cumulative break time consuming
With supersets you get an intense workout and you'll move quickly from one exercise to another with very little rest time between sets. In other words, instead of rest between sets, you do an exercise for a different muscle group.
Supersets involve executing several sets of two exercises for opposing muscle groups such as biceps curls with bar and parallel pushups for the triceps. A compound set is a dedicated superserie same muscle groups such as bar curls with dumbbells su alternatives for biceps curls.


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